Students who come to school in their own transport should arrive at the school fifteen minutes before the warning bell. The warning bell before class – rooms get their books ready in silence, and prepare for the beginning of class. Change of class – rooms between periods should be done in discipline and order. When teachers enter the class -  rooms students are to stand and wish them in the customary way and give them proper respect.


  1. Students are not allowed to see visitors, make or attend phone-calls. Only if the matter is very urgent, massage can be passed on and the student shall be informed about it by the incharge.

  2. In case of urgency, if the chield has to go out of the school during school hours, Gate pass has to be issued by the incharge after seeking permission from the Principal/Academic officer.

  3. No Student is allowed to leave the school premises during school hours or recess without the permission of Principle.

  4. No partial leave is allowed.

  5. Students who ride the bus are to get into the bus in discipline and order and sit in a refined manner while awaiting the destination.

  6. Students are expected to take good care of their books and personal belongings. Valuable articles are not to be brought to school. The school will not be responsible for loss of stolen goods/……..cycles. cycles are to be doubly locked.

  7. Care must be taken of school property. Students are forbidden to scratch or write on furniture, walls or windows or write in Library books or property, the student will have to replace the same.

  8. No students should be sent to school if suffering from contagious or infectious disease.

  9. Students should only bring their text books & copies to school. Other books or magazine if thought to be useful, may be brough only with approval of the class teacher or Principal. Magazines, Toys, Audio or Video cassettes if brought to school will be confiscated and destroyed.

  10. No hair accessories, ornaments, tie pins or nail polishes are allowed.

  11. The code of school uniform must be maintained strictly . No flimsy dupattas are for std. XI & XII girl students. It should be made of the same cloth as of salwar.

  12. Students are not allowed to offer present to the teachers.

  13. Every student must bring the school Diary daily & have it signed by the parent or guardian everyday.

  14. No student will be entitled to enter the class & also remains in the school premises unless she/he is clean and neatly dressed in the school uniform.